SK 6800 Skin Care Device

SK 6800 6 + 1 multifunctional skin care device. The functions of the device are Hıgh Frequency Friminator Ions Lifting Vacuum Spray Vapazon, Ozon.



Sk 6800 Skin Care Device

Hıgh Frequency
Frimat is
Vapazo the Ozone


Facial cleansing, massage, skin brushing with 9 different features that reveal the beauty you deserve,

used in skin cleansing, spot removal, treatments.

It goes deep into the skin and removes oils and blackheads. At the same time while sterilizing the skin

It also removes blemishes, pimples and acne. It opens wrinkles and lifts the skin by lifting the lifts.

removes bags and wrinkles around the eyes.


Usage areas of high frequency electrotherapy are as follows: (High Frequency)

Used on dry skin

Wrinkle treatment & skin rejuvenation

Add vitality to skin look

Increasing the activity of fat cells


The nerve endings are stimulated. Accordingly, the speed of blood circulation increases

The lymphatic system is activated. Toxic substance accelerates

The cream applied to the skin allows better penetration of the skin

Produced ozone gas has antiseptic effect

It neutralizes the pH of the skin and creates a smoother and livelier skin.

During the application, the density of the collagen layer under the heated skin increases and skin tightening is provided.

In the treatment of eye bags


Select the appropriate glass electrode for the application area.

Attach the glass electrode to the electrode holder

Apply cream to the skin

After adjusting the energy setting of the device (1-9),

try it in your hand

Turn off the device at the end of the application


1. Do not immobilize the electrode in the same area for a long time.

2.Put enough cream on the skin

3. Do not bring the electrode into contact with the skin. After the electrode is in contact with the skin

application should be done by moving without lifting

4.Dry cloth can be put on the skin to reduce the friction of the electrode on the skin

5. Do not clean the skin with volatile substances such as alcohol before application.

6. Put a protective cloth over the eye.

7. Do not keep metal jewelry in the application area.

8. Do not use on very sensitive and very irritated skin

9. Do not use in pregnant women

10. Do not touch the tip with eyes.

11.Keep all tips clean


The brush removes dead cells from the upper part of the epidermis from the skin. In this way, both skin

While the unwanted roughness on the surface disappears and new skin cells with exfoliating effect

its formation is accelerated and the skin is renewed. Friminator can be used on both skin and body.


1. Accelerate blood circulation using the steam nozzle and open the pores of the skin


2. Attach the brush to the device

3. Turn on the device, adjust the energy level and press start

Turn off the device before removing the brush.


The steam function accelerates blood circulation, moisturizes and sterilizes the skin thanks to the temperature it provides. It gives more effective results when used with massage.


1. Add pure water to the water reservoir. The water level should not exceed the maximum level

2. Set the duration

Turn on the ultraviolet lamp for sterilization

4.If the water drops below the minimum level, the device will automatically shut down. In this case, top up the water and do not turn the machine back on after 5 minutes


1. Make sure the water boils while the device is in use

2. Do not use steam function more than 25 minutes

3. Clean the glass reservoir after every function use

4.If there is dirt in the radiator, the radiator is in fine acetic acid for 5 minutes

should be kept


OIL 20cm ARD 15min

NORMAL 25cm ARD 15min

PRECISION 30cm 5min

VARICOSE 30cm 5min


The easy positioning magnifier allows you to analyze the skin better thanks to its refractive magnifier and 80 pcs LED lamp.

Additional information

Additional information

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